Kind of neat stuff

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A few neat things, in no particular order…

-Musicovery is an in beta Flash based Web site that finds music for you based on your mood. The idea is kind of neat, and of course when I was trying it out, it pulled up some electronica for me. No big surprise there. For the site to be really usable though, it has to respond faster to user clicks.

-The Amazon Xbox post from Thursday was submitted to Reddit, a social bookmarking site. The submission never quite made it to the front page, but it hung around the second page for 8 hours or so. It brought about 1200 extra visitors on a very slow Thanksgiving. It seems that Reddit works by evaluating not only the number of votes, but the rate of voting, as more positive votes in a shorter amount of time should get you ranked higher and possibly to the front page.

-TopTen Sources seems to be a human edited new media aggregator type of Web site. I’m not sure about the quality of the overall site, but my Black Friday/Cyber Monday post was linked to.

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  1. bert Says:

    On another musical note, this online karaoke site is quite addictive, in that William Hung kind of way —

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