iLike, or perhaps not

Posted by joy

I do not know if I would iLike it since the (similar to the and Pandora services) iLike client is for OS X 10.4 only.

So you Tiger users go out and have fun with it. Consider yourselves spared of my incessant Death Cab for Cutie playbacks.

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3 Responses to “iLike, or perhaps not”

  1. bert Says:

    Well, you could always upgrade, but then Leopard is due out soon, then some other cat i guess (Cougar? Lion? Tabby?)

    Anyways, speaking of DCFC, this is a terrific song (and video).:

  2. joy Says:

    The money’s on Ocelot. You heard it here first. ;-)

  3. Charlie on the PA Turnpike Says:

    For what its worth… in spite of my days of years past where I had amassed quite an LP collection of rock, I have largely missed the digital revolution in music, and have purchased no more than 2 or 3 CD per year in the last 10 or so years. That doesn’t mean I don’t like music, but that I don’t avail myself many opportunities to buy or listen to new stuff.

    However, last night I found myself tooling around cNet and found they offer free downloads of certain artists (to give more evidence of my naievte, this was news to me). Based soley on your admiration of of Death Cab for Cute, I grabbed the three tunes they offered.

    I see I have been missing a lot of good music. Thanks for the recommendation…

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