xkcd’s Map of the Internet

Posted by joy

As some of my dear loyal readers know, I have this preternatural fascination with the Internet, most notably IP Addresses. For some reason, I find the IPv4 numbering system quite interesting - there’s so much history behind how the first addresses were allocated. For example, take a look at IANA’s current IPv4 assignments. I just love to geek out trying to figure out what IP Addresses people have and why. Some people track trains or airplanes or celebrities and I track…IP Addresses.

So when I saw this map of the Internet as featured on Slashdot today, my s0×0rs were totally r0×0red! Here’s blog entry detailing how the author mapped the address space. Of course, there’s already a printout of the map on my cube.

I really really want a full poster version when they’re available.

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