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I know that some may think that I can emphasis on a call to action in a Web page design. However, I think I have found a blog that, well, highlights some calls to action tastefully and forcefully.

Search Engine High Guru Danny Sullivan just launched his blog and the blog very simply executed. Here’s a list of the obvious calls to action Danny wants to you to take.

-RSS feed and Newsletter subscription link large and on the upper left of the banner (I love this idea). If you click on the link, you will be taken to a separate page subscription for newsletters and RSS feeds.

-Huge header logo banner linking to the front page on every page.

-Simple subscribe to newsletter box (for the daily newsletter) in the top spot of the right nav bar. This is repeated on all pages.

-Text list of social bookmarking services (digg, related Sphere posts, Google Bookmarks) that one can submit a post to.

-Green “conversion box” at the bottom of each post with links to author, permalink, comments and categories.

There’s like two things which are annoying to me about navigation on the site, namely the archives are drop down menu based and I can’t find a search box to search the site. Also, you have to either have a TypeKey account or join the site to be able to comment, but that is just a nitpick.

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  1. joy Says:

    Also note that the Snap preview for SearchEngineLand is a little old. I don’t know how often snap updates the preview image.

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