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Posted by joy

Some quickie SEO analysis by searching for cleverhack on both Google and Yahoo.

Google results for cleverhack - 22,800 results

Yahoo results for cleverhack - 13,300 results

What’s obvious: Having a clever domain name helps with blog branding. Also, Google loves cleverhack.

What’s changed: It appears that raw RSS feeds are not as useful for blog SEO as they were a year or even 6 months ago. For example on the first few pages of the cleverhack Google results, we don’t see any mentions of the raw RSS feed.

What’s interesting: Both search engines have indexed directory listings for the cleverhack podcast. So, for you podcasters out there, it’s definitely worth your time to list your podcast URL with podcast directories.

What’s constant: Both search engines have indexed cleverhack RSS feed listings on RSS feed aggregators or directories.

What else I would recommend: Getting your blog listed on blog directories.

What’s variable: I’ve been using a few different descriptions for the blog on various directories, so that may have skewed results a bit.

A resource listing RSS feed and blog directories: Robin Good’s Best Blog Directory And RSS Submission Sites

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