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Here’s one search engine that’s certainly not Web 2.0.

If you follow the URL in the user agent, you will go to While the Web site is rockin’ like it’s 1999, there’s a box at the top of the page which gives some information about the Blaiz-Bee crawler and tells visitors that the crawler belongs to the RawGrunt Search Engine. The most notable aspect of the RawGrunt search engine is the boast that it runs on Windows 98 using low cost domestic, clustered hardware.


Http Code: 200 Date: Dec 17 22:13:40 Http Version: HTTP/1.0 Size in Bytes: 41488
Referer: -
Agent: Blaiz-Bee/2.00.6000 (+

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  1. Jason Lefkowitz Says:

    Wow. I’m trying to figure what possible benefit they could get from using Win98 as their platform for their commodity hardware. At least with Windows 2000/XP you would get greater stability.

    Not to mention that the licensing costs for all those Win98 copies would sure add up… even with volume licensing. Assuming they’re actually being legal, that is.

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