digg redesign including podcasts and video

Posted by joy

With the slight redesign of digg yesterday, I’ve heard good and so-so types of reviews about the redesign - the change to the sole right navigation, the secondary light green and dark green accent colors in the banner navigation, the prominent profile link in the banner and an increased use of tabbed and grouped navigation are all interesting little tweaks. Personally, I think the red font used for the “time dugg” is a little distracting.

The addition of new categories (nitpick: spaces around the ampersand are needed in World&Business), videos and podcasts are all interesting - I don’t know if digg will be as strong in non-traditional areas for their user base.

And since there are now podcasts on digg, you can now digg some cleverhack podcasts (why didn’t digg detect the feed image?) and befriend joyl.

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  1. Ian Says:

    I like the look of the new Digg site. I also noticed a decent increase in performance which is nice. The old site took an awful long time to load up…even on my 20Mbit connection.

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