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Posted by joy

Is the right hand nav bar the rounded tab of (almost) 2007?

I hadn’t really thought about it before, but it seems that there is a higher concentration of content based Web sites with right hand nav bars, I mean not only this blog (and others), but also Google SERP pages (just think of the right hand Google ads) and now the newly redesigned digg with no sort of navigation on the left hand side.

Now I’m wondering how many other sites have right hand nav bars exclusively. And I wonder if right hand nav bars change Information Architecture in any significant way.

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4 Responses to “Right hand Web navigation”

  1. Jason Lefkowitz Says:

    I’ve proudly been right-hand-nav only since 2002 :-)

    Mostly this was for accessibility purposes — put the navigation after the main content for screenreaders.

  2. Paul OFlaherty Says:

    This is also a SEO thing, as the bots tend to read from left to right. Hence you want your content to appear before your navigation elements on your site.

  3. Arthur Says:

    This is also a SEO thing, as the bots tend to read from left to right.

    No. Unless you were joking…

  4. Andre SC Says:

    Right hand nav makes sense from a usability perspective, especially on pages longer than a screen for one because that is the side where we expect to find a scroll bar - another navigation tool, + usually it’s more important to make sure content immidiately accesible ‘findable’ at a glance and readable.

    Some research seems to sugest that navigation bars will tend to become less ‘persistent’

    Interesting topic

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