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In case you were wondering, there are no Wiis to be had in SE PA or Wilmington, DE as I found out tonight.

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6 Responses to “Wiiiiiiiii-less”

  1. Bill Says:

    great … time to focus on web tech

  2. devtrash Says:

    We’re flush with them in NE PA.

  3. thinks Says:

    How about a Fribble instead?…

    Years ago, I went into a Friendly’s restaurant, hoping for a chocolate shake. The kid behind the counter (and the only employee in the store at that point) had a name badge that said “Joe the Trainee” No kidding.

  4. unlikelymoose Says:

    do people from PA get along with people from MA? I love MA and PA.

  5. joh3n Says:

    Watch out for Wiis at Target throughout this week, and Best Buy on the 21st.

  6. joh3n Says:

    Exciting Clarification! See here for details. Circuit City and Best Buy seem to be the hot spots this sunday.

    Better show up early though, and good luck!

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