iPhone fangirl!

Posted by joy

With all of the excitement about the iPhone, I believe the operative question here is “How can I get out of my Verizon contract?”

Aside from the phone running OS X, the killer apps for me include POP email accessibility, OS X running natively, and the miniaturized Web browser.

I wonder if I could natively use the Web browser to blog on that phone since the keyboard is virtualized on screen…

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  1. Charlie Says:

    I am SO right there with ya- I am in the market for a new phone, but I think I can hold out until June!

  2. Jason Lefkowitz Says:

    I wonder if I could natively use the Web browser to blog on that phone since the keyboard is virtualized on screen…

    Assuming their PR hype contains at least a kernel of truth, the iPhone runs OS X just like any other Mac. So not only could you blog via the Web interface to your blog tool, but you could use native OS X tools like ecto as well…

  3. bert Says:

    Interesting article about the iPhone and its development here:

    I currently have Cingular so I’ll look into trading up when this is available…as long as Cingular doesn’t try to add all kinds of ridiculous fees and jack up the prices.

  4. Jason Lefkowitz Says:

    I stand corrected — even though the iPhone supposedly runs OS X, word is that third party software won’t run on it:

    It’s not extensible by third parties, only Apple. The means at the moment no RSS readers, no Slingplayers.

    What a missed opportunity. The iPhone just got a whole lot less attractive…

  5. Sigivald Says:

    I’ll believe it runs full, real, same-as-on-any-other-mac OSX when I see it running arbitrary apps and the like.

    Until then, I’m assuming it’s a quite reasonable limited subset analogous to Windows CE and Compact .NET.

  6. unlikelymoose Says:

    i love the web browser features. The web navigation techniques available of the iPhone look impressive.

    Does the iPhone have any games? I’m stupid and that is always a big selling point for me when buying a cell phone.

    I am saddened that no third party software will “officially” run. You know some clever hackers out there will find a way to get their apps on the iPhone.

  7. Eric Berlin Says:

    I would love to see someone write an easily digesible post about a) what the best mobile communications devices are (and iPhone certainly seems to be up there!) b) what that means in terms of setting up phone and mobile access plans and what it costs and c) how to get out of current contracts to make it all happen !

  8. fluffy Says:

    Personally I’m happy with my Sony Ericsson K510i. It has one of the best mobile email (IMAP+POP3) clients I’ve ever used, and it can theoretically be used as a modem for a laptop or Palm though I haven’t managed to get that working just yet (but I could do it on previous Ericsson phones so it’s probably just a matter of finding the right init string). Also, you can upload whatever ringtones and MIDP apps you want. It’s also nice and tiny.

    Older SE phones like the Z250a definitely work as wireless modems, and actually my favorite phone of all time is the Ericsson T39m, because it works REALLY well for all that without any of the cruft like a color screen or polyphonic ringtones or whatever (though its built-in email client only supports POP3, unfortunately).

    One definite thing to worry about with the iPhone is that data will probably be spendy. Cingular’s data service has never been cheap, while T-Mobile gives you all-you-can-eat (with limitations) for $6/mo (and there’s tricks to get around the limitations, and also to not pay the $6/mo).

  9. Reversed Says:

    Right on! I’d love to get out of my darn contract too. I haven’t tried the service, but this site lets you legally swap contracts with people from other phone providers so you don’t have to pay the termination fee.

    Blog coverage:


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