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Quantcast is a new Alexa like traffic ranking service. In order for the service to work properly, you’re supposed to add a bit of javascript to your site.

For the initial stats on cleverhack, all I can say is that they are way off.

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  1. Thomas Says:

    Compete.com launched it’s SnapShot service in February, which leverages a much larger and more diverse panel compared to Quantcast. The Quancast data is exceptionally inaccurate. I think you’ll find Compete has fewer bells and whistles, but is much more useful.

  2. Paul Howard Says:

    As you can see by my webiste link, I use a subdirectory to host my blog. The main index.html of my domain is just a redirect to the blog page.

    Quantcast won’t accept that. It refuses to even check subdirectories and doesn’t recognise the forwarder so the service won’t work for me or many other people.

    Good quality control there Quantcast. :)

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