A Hardware Note

Posted by joy

I do think the trusty PowerBook is going to be replaced before June, when Leopard is supposedly released. I just have a a feeling about that.

Not that I can really complain, the PowerBook has served me well on a daily basis these past 3 and a half years.

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  1. Matt Michie Says:

    I’ve got a MacBook Pro that work bought me and a Powerbook G4 for home, and I’m in the same boat. It is hard going home to a Powerbook after cruising in luxury all day on my Macbook Pro. Plus, I could get a Core 2 Duo now…. Droooool :)

  2. davermont Says:

    I remember when your PowerBook was new; has it really been over 3 years ago?

    In November I finally traded in my trusty old PB17 (which has sported a bright yellow line of pixels down the left side for many months) for a shiny new Core 2 Duo MacBook Pro. Amazing machine, fast, bright and it even runs XP when I need it.

    Do it, you’ll love it.

  3. Nick Young Says:

    Sorry to hear that your PB is taking a dump :( I made the switch to mac almost 2 months ago with the purchase of a MacBook Pro. And boy was I surprised at how awesome it is. I don’t think I’ve ever used a computer quite sexy as the MBP.

    I know how bad it can be to limp along on a failing computer. Waiting all the way till June probably feels like an eternity. I can’t imagine that Apple would revamp the MacBook Pro line before Leopard ships. But then again… who knows what the boys down in Cupertino have up their sleeves.

  4. joy Says:


    I actually went for it last month and got a new MacBook Pro. I am loving life again. I’ve heard rumors that the MBPs are supposed to go up in spec (specifically a new type of screen that would lengthen battery time) but I decided not to wait.

    The old PowerBook served me well on a daily basis, but it’s time to put ol’ Yeller down.

  5. Nick Young Says:

    Great to hear you got an upgrade. Its a shame that new computers only last so long. I was trying to hold out for the updated MBP’s as well, but my desktop was getting painfully slow and I wanted to switch to a Mac so bad that I couldn’t wait any longer. I figured that I might as well be happy now rather than keep using my old hunk of junk :)

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