And what did I accomplish today?

Posted by joy

Why I was motivated to perfect my desktop setup here at casa de cleverhack and plug in the external monitor I bought a way while back to the MacBook Pro. This time around, the MacBook Pro’s video card handles the LCD beautifully with the DVI to VGA adapter.

I am stoked. The image below is via my cell phone cam.

dual display hotness

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2 Responses to “And what did I accomplish today?”

  1. bert Says:

    What I accomplished today:
    I scoured the inside of the car, painstakingly purging the final vestiges of December’s pesky pine needles, January’s slightly spilt Starbucks, and February’s puzzingly pierced Pepsi.

    Yeah, I suppose we’re winners all around.

  2. joy Says:

    Hey Bert, I was wondering since you did such a great job detailing your car, could you do mine? It’s in need of some help… :-P

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