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Does anyone know how to get gum (yes, chewing gum) off of an iMac display without ruining the display? I have a feeling peanut butter won’t work.

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  1. bert Says:

    Try dragging it to the trash.

    Ok seriously, I’ve got no Martha Stewart tips. Most times I’ve had to remove gum involved freezing or alcohol, and neither is an option here.

  2. Nick Young Says:

    Ouch! I don’t even want to know how that happened :( You might be able to use an ice cube to harden the gum so that it comes off a bit easier. Just make sure you toss the ice cube in a plastic bag so you don’t get any water on your iMac.

    Good Luck!

  3. Jason White Says:

    I think it is called gumout or goo be gone…there are commercially available products at Lowes or Home Depot or your local hardware retailer.

  4. Highena Says:

    just keep gently picking away at it. It’ll come off eventually… I guess.

  5. joy Says:

    Y’all don’t want to know how it happened. Something about little kids and little hands having something coated all over them.

  6. Mike Says:

    I have heard many products like Windex and even monitor wipes can actually discolor an LCD screen. I would be careful with product like Goo Gone. Also, try not to press too hard on the screen.

    The freezing trick sounds like a good idea as long as the monitor is off and you don’t turn it back on until the screen returns to room temperature. And as Nick said, put the ice in a plastic bag!

  7. joh3n Says:

    different angle on freezing: try compressed air. but when you do, aim from the side (i.e. parallel to the monitor, not into it). I imaie enough time with compressed air would make the gum brittle.

  8. Tom King Says:

    use fabric softener dryer sheets. they got my dryer clean. your brother

  9. Chuck Says:

    Freezing is the way to go. Find a friend with asthma and borrow their inhaler, cover the gum and spray away. Eventually it will freeze and be brittle and you can chip it off.

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