Trash it and start over

Posted by joy

A layman’s explanation of the “trash present Internet architecture and start over” body of thought.

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2 Responses to “Trash it and start over”

  1. Alex Hillman Says:

    I wrote one of my final papers for a computer forensics class about web-based extortion schemes and a heavy focus of my thesis for fixing the problems had to do with the fact that the internet as a device was broken and to some degree should be scrapped and started over. Of course, technical feasibility is another story (just look at how difficult implementing IPV6 is), but in an ideal world, we could gather up all of the good websites (yours, mine, Wil Wheaton’s, and a handful of others) onto an Ark of sorts, wipe the rest of the net, and start over based on lessons learned.

  2. Dan Says:

    It’s interests me that someone would want to scrap one of the best and most robust technologies out that has scaled beyond anyone’s wildest dream. Whenever someone says they want improve security on a networking protocol it usually means that they can’t track their network traffic very well. In turn that means that they want easily trace people’s data much easier and isolate certain types of traffic like VOIP and start throttling your bandwidth based on your application. It’s a kind of a big brother on the Net. Whatever you do don’t let homeland security have a say on how any networking protocol is developed or we’ll have to wait in line for 3 hours to surf a website and will be limited to downloading pictures that have less than 3oz liquids on them…

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