I have a date on 6/29/07 at 6pm

Posted by joy

for this.

Related: What are the odds that I will be able to keep my current phone number?

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4 Responses to “I have a date on 6/29/07 at 6pm”

  1. Charlie PA Tpk Says:

    Ought to be guaranteed to keep you number.

    The question really ought to be: are you out of contract on your current phone?

  2. bert Says:

    I’m going to ask them to change my number to 867-5309.
    Or 4.
    Not sure which yet.

  3. colson Says:

    bert - what is sad is that your comment probably sailed right over the heads of half of joy’s readers.

    I meant that with all the kindness of my heart :D

  4. davermont Says:

    OK, we’re officially jealous. Robin and I haven’t figured out how to get one of those puppies here in VT, but we’re working on it.

    Eagerly looking forward to your experiences with it…

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