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Fooky is a new search engine that is trying to poise itself within the search engine market with guns blazing. I have to give them props though, instead of just being yet another indexing service, they are trying to force a little change in Web Marketing, including offering a PDF on what they consider Web Marketing basics and dissing those SEOs who promise top Search Engine Results Page rankings.

Aside from their idea for a Command Phrase, by basically allowing a Web site owner to “own” particular keyword phrases on, the search engine is also only allowing site submissions that fit their criteria. As far as I can tell, this means Web sites that are meta tagged with Title, Keyword and Description tags. While properly formatted Title tags and Description tags are a must these days, Keyword tags are basically a nice to have (and could cause problems on other more popular search engines if you get aggressive about deploying keywords).

I think competition in the Search Engine market is a good thing. While I don’t necessarily agree with some of the more outlandish SEOs, I’m not sure if Fooky has the total answer either, especially with requiring meta tagging. Perhaps the idea behind that is to slow down the submission of spammy sites, who knows?

Good SEO is presenting information to the Search Engines and getting visitors because of that. Great Web marketing is the art of having those visitors to convert to your desired action.

Also, Fooky can’t find the cleverhack description tag, so I do believe they still have some work to do with their indexing.

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