A few days with the iPhone and a battery complaint

Posted by joy

First, a serious whine which is that I think my iPhone battery is not going to last even 300 charges. The iPhone not only feels a little hot to the touch, but today I was using it as an iPod for a few hours, with wifi turned off and checking email once in a while and the battery quickly drained. I mean drained so fast between 7:30am when I took the iPhone out of the dock fully charged to around 2:30pm where the battery was at about 30%. This was in comparison to others like a Gizmodo blogger, who had a gimp battery at first and the following tech blogger battery comments compiled by Gizmodo:

Pogue had 5 hours of video, 23 hours of music (with Wi-Fi on). Mossberg saw 7 hours and 18 minutes of continuous talk time. 22 hours of music, just under 7 hours, Internet/Youtube/Email over 9 hours (All with Wifi on and email being fetched). CNet found the iPhone’s battery life to be on par with its rated times.

As far as the iPhone and everyone asking me how I like it. I like it enough, it has some quirks, which everyone and their Mom has discussed. Macenstein has a long feature request list, mostly of “well, duh” stuff the iPhone did not ship with. I think my favorite review of the device so far is Gizmodo’s review (warning some adult language and ideas).

Off the top of my head, the quirks include: no video capability, lack of flash in the web browser, no real text editor, no mms, some and not all apps going into landscape mode is distracting, there should be a keychain password store capability on the phone, where is IM, there should be a direct link to your contacts from the menu, the defaut alpha keyboard should have a few punctuation keys, weather app doesn’t auto update and how do you add an entry to the built in dictionary?

However, the iPhone does look damn pretty. Everyone, even some very jaded people who handled the phone have “ooohed and ahhhhhed” at it.

My conclusion: It’s cool, not perfect, much like a boyfriend who has a few personality tics. And since I keep my electronics a whole lot longer than boyfriends, well, I should be set.

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    Re: No IM

    For AIM, you might try:


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