Will It Blend?

Posted by joy

Just for you non-iPhone owners out there - let’s see if the iPhone can blend.

3 Responses to “Will It Blend?”

  1. Sigivald Says:

    That’s hardly worth asking.

    It’s well-established by now that damn near anything will blend, except perhaps solid blocks of metal.

    But it’s still worth doing, because putting stuff in a blender will just never get old.

  2. Charlie PA Tpk Says:

    Getting past the incredible waste, for just one second, hats off to iPhone. The display kept glowing in spite a pretty hard time in the blender for the first 5-8 seconds. Maybe not the first hit, but the next few had to be on the order of dropping your phone from a height of about 5 feet.

    Yeah, the case would be marred, but at least it appeared to still function.

  3. news bandit Says:

    That site is hilarious. Be careful of that I-Dust! Lol.

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