iPhone battery update

Posted by joy

One thing to note, I think I’m getting better battery power now after a few full battery drains and then leaving the iPhone to charge overnight. Once I fully charge the iPhone, I am getting the power plug icon.

Yesterday, without wifi on and without using the iPod, I got about 24 hours worth of standby/active email/Web time.

Still not awesome, but better than what I have been seeing. It looks like I will have to charge every night. Here’s hoping that the battery time improves as I drain/recharge it.

2 Responses to “iPhone battery update”

  1. Frank Gilroy Says:

    I noticed that same thing. The one thing weird on my phone is that the “Usage” mentioned under settings never has any battery usage, even after a full charge. Do you see that?

    I also noticed that while I think the battery life is good when compared to other cellphones I play so much more with this one (because it actually works nicely) and therefore still crave more battery.

  2. Laura Says:

    Joy, Frank: regardless if the batery usage meter freaks, it appears that some third party companies are going to be selling iphone batteries alongside apple.


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