iPhone wifi madness

Posted by joy

Well, not madness, but something definitely weird.

I was wondering if anyone has seen any iPhones getting onto networks they should not be on. I am aware of a situation where an iPhone jumped on a wifi network with WEP and MAC Address filtering enabled.

The thing is, the iPhone only had the WEP key, but the iPhone MAC address hadn’t been authorized and iPhone still was granted an IP address via DHCP.

When I tried my iPhone on the network with the WEP key and but no MAC address authorization, I could not get on.

Another wrinkle is that the successful iPhone had been synched to a Mac laptop that was previously allowed on that network. Could that be it?

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  1. Anarch Says:

    Happy Berfday! :D

  2. Jeff Q. Says:

    I heard some college was having its network or wifi crash because of iPhones constantly looking for a new signal on the wifi network when it lost connection, it may have even been Va Tech but I don’t remember for sure.

  3. joh3n Says:

    @Jeff Q: It was Duke (Duke Sucks!), and it was Cisco’s fault, not the iPhone.

  4. Eric Skiff Says:

    Depending on the implementation of MAC filtering, the router may allow you to connect and get dhcp, but simply not route your packets to the net. Might actually come in handy if you need to configure the router itself, but don’t have one of the approved MAC addresses.

    Definitely interesting…

  5. me Says:

    Probably a router thing. What brand?

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