Email Deliverability - trends for the end of 2007

Posted by joy

Two trends I’ve run across recently in the email deliverability world.

First, and this is for you designers who have to work on HTML email campaigns, the Email Standards Project. Because, let’s face it, the need to use old school HTML 4 for compatibility with current email clients makes baby jesus cry.

It’s been kind of quiet on the spam filtering front, aside from the proof of concept .ogg and .mp3 spam. In real deliverability terms, from what I’ve been seeing, there seems to be an increased reliance on URL filtering and on sending IP reputation.

And with that in mind, I was sort of amused to get the following text based email body in my inbox last night. It seems that the spammers are giving up on live URLs and are hoping you’ll be intrigued enough to open a Web browser, find a stock trading site and buy a penny stock.

Hi from Christian . Hope your Friday is cool and happy holidays. Something big for [SOME STOCK] over next few weeks. Check otc boards. Keep an eye out for it and get in early.

Hey, I’m just impressed the guy wished me happy holidays.

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