Hack Yahoo Fantasy Football

Posted by joy

Heh. If you happen to Google hack yahoo fantasy football we get a SERP that, well Google isn’t quite sure what to display on the SERP. Cleverhack is currently showing as #3 on the SERP, but with no related text. I’ve never seen a SERP quite like this one before.

You see, I’ve been getting a bunch of hits for this particular keyword combination, but what is most interesting is that up until now, I’ve never used the keywords in a sequential phrase. Sure, the word hack is in the URL, I list Yahoo IM info on my sidebar and I’ve written about fantasy football before (and I’m in the playoffs for two leagues this year!), but never sequentially, until now.

Kind of interesting, and yes I’m ruining the results because I’m blogging about it. And for you guys looking for how to hack Yahoo fantasy football, I don’t have that information on this blog…all I can say is that Randy Moss helped me out and LT has been mediocre up until recently.


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  1. David Jaeger - Los Angeles Internet Marketing Says:

    Joy, Go into your google webmaster tools, and you will probably find that you have a high ratio of each of those keywords on your pages. Hence, Google thinks you are relevant. You obvioulsy rank high for hack already, just by your domain name and title. If you’ve got anchorlinked yahoo and fantasy football a bit (even though they are outbound), than you are going to get high rankings.

    Not only that, you’ve gotten two blog scrapers of your site in for number two and three (I’m signing up with those sites right now!… You have any other RSS feed sites that you submitted to? None of mine gave me much rankings??? :-( Seriously, if you have a list of places you submitted your RSS feed to, I’d really like to know.)

    You’ve also beaten out yahoo’s site itself! Good work… it definitely helps to have a PR5 Site… not that PR makes that much of a difference any more.

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