SWSE - Semantic Web Search Engine

Posted by joy

This particular crawler is being deployed from the Semantic Web Search Engine (SWSE) project, which is attempting to crawl the nascent Semantic Web, including RSS and FOAF data.

This is yet another reason why deploying RSS is a good idea for any Web presence.

Here’s a link to the SWSE search demo.

Http Code: 304 Date: Dec 18 14:56:27 Http Version: HTTP/1.1 Size in Bytes: -
Referer: -
Agent: multicrawler (+http://sw.deri.org/2006/04/multicrawler/robots.html)

3 Responses to “SWSE - Semantic Web Search Engine”

  1. Khnah Says:

    I’m a student and I’m doing a research about Semantic Web. My teacher asked me to make an small application such as a search engine like SWSE. Can you give me some hints or some application about this ? I’m really stuck in it. Thanks !

  2. Andreas Harth Says:

    Hi Khnah,

    I’m one of the developers of SWSE. You can have a look at our papers
    (e.g. http://sw.deri.org/2007/02/swsepaper/iswc2007.pdf). Not sure though if SWSE is a small application, it currently runs on a cluster of several machines.


  3. Jeff Quinton Says:

    Have you ever seen Swoogle? http://swoogle.umbc.edu/

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