Brute force SEO: NY Times using keyword tagging in the page title tag

Posted by joy

Building upon a discussion elsewhere on the Web, here’s some brute force SEO for you.

Apparently, the NY Times is inserting tagging in the page META title tag, in the instances where it seems that article headlines lack sufficient keywords. Normally, the Times just carries the article’s headline into the page META title tag.

For example, in the article headlined The Falling-Down Professions, the page title tag reads as “Economic Conditions-Economic trends-legal profession-lawyers-prestige-doctors - New York Times”.

You see, the page title tag is important for SEO as Google in particular lends much weight to the text contained within the title tag.

All in all, the NY Times approach is definitely an interesting methodology for organizations deploying content management systems and who wish to build traffic from search engines.

3 Responses to “Brute force SEO: NY Times using keyword tagging in the page title tag”

  1. Daniel Says:

    It’s an interesting methodology, but I think the application is clumsy. Why couldn’t NYT create their own keywords instead of injecting them into the META tags?

    This is even more true when, as you pointed out, they aren’t even doing it consistently across every article…the Web loves consistency and predictability.

  2. Mike Says:

    Should the rest of us follow suit?

  3. ChiCityJoe Says:

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