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Posted by joy

For those of you with Apple TV, do you like it?

I’m thinking of springing for it, seeing as the idea of downloading movies and watching them on my (nearly outdated last of the mohicans CRT TV) does appeal to me. I don’t watch broadcast TV, I don’t have on-demand anything nor do I Netflix.

On the other hand, the iMac is in the family room too and I could, I suppose, hook that up to the TV negating the need for another product from Apple.


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  1. joh3n Says:

    I have one, which I hook up to the TV via HDMI. Upstairs, I have the mac mini with 1.5 TB storage, all my photos, CDs, and soon all my DVDs ripped to it, stream them to the Apple TV. I like the setup a fair bit. The new UI looks much nicer than the current Front Row-esque one, so I’m excited for that.

    I’m not, however, excited for yet another video download system that gives me only 24 hours to watch a movie once started. Impossible to do with a toddler. Of course, it’s still an unpatched bug that you can reset your system clock to get around that, but…….

  2. mom & dad Says:

    Kim Kommando said it will be outdated soon. Thats why it has come down in price.

  3. bert Says:

    Well, first make sure it’ll work with your ‘ancient’ TV, otherwise that’ll make the choice easier.
    As for mine, I like it ok enough. I haven’t bought any movies for it, but usually use it to watch podcasts, dvds ripped with handbrake, or tv shows recorded with eyetv.

    I also like the youtube feature (although searching is a pain) and once used it to watch an entire season of a certain TV reality show (which will remain nameless) albeit in 10-minute fragments and not-so-great quality.

  4. Robert Morgen Says:

    Is it anything that can’t be done with a regular computer?

  5. Anthony Says:

    If it had a web browser, keyboard, and mouse, I would use it and drop my television service. I would…

    1. Get my movies from Netflix
    2. Rent some TV shows from iTunes
    3. View the rest of the TV shows on or a network website.

    TV can be a dollar sucking hole and what do you really get out of it? Hmmm.

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