Quick Twitter SEO Observation

Posted by joy

Here’s a quick Twitter SEO observation. For the longest time, I had my about.me profile URL in my Twitter bio. It was ok (the analytics for the free version are less than optimal), so I decided to see if switching up the URL would improve SEO for Joy Larkin, as there are a few women named Joy Larkin on the Web, and of course, I wanted to rank first.

Last week, I added my LinkedIn URL to my Twitter profile. After a few days, my LinkedIn profile ranked first.

Joy Larkin SEO Google SERP

Being ever curious, tonight I added my cleverhack about page to my Twitter bio. Now I’ll watch to see if that gets ranked first for my name.

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  1. James Joyner Says:

    I’ve had outsidethebeltway.com in my Twitter profile since the beginning and yet it ranks 5th behind my Wikipedia page, Atlantic Council page, my hardly-visited personal website, and my page at The Atlantic (for which I haven’t written for ages). That’s especially odd since OTB has a pagerank of 6 and jamesjoyner.com has no pagerank at all.

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