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Sunday, August 5th, 2007

iConcertCal is a neat little plug in for iTunes that will scan your iTunes music library for artists and generates a personalized calendar of upcoming concerts and new CD releases. Pretty cool.

It’s such a clever idea, I just have to wonder why Apple hasn’t included it already in iTunes.

Will It Blend?

Wednesday, July 11th, 2007

Just for you non-iPhone owners out there - let’s see if the iPhone can blend.

A no frills kitchen

Wednesday, May 9th, 2007

I sincerely appreciated this article in the NY Times detailing how to outfit a kitchen for about $300. The secret? Go to a restaurant supply store, where kitchen implements are much cheaper than the high end “culinary stores”.

You see, in a past life, I used to sell the high end expensive stuff on the Web.

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Death Cab For Cutie - Philadelphia, Fall 2006

Friday, October 27th, 2006

Death Cab For Cutie came to the Philly area (again) and since they literally were playing just down the street by about 30 minutes from where I live, I had to go tonight. Unfortunately, since I waited so long to get tickets even though I could have gotten them presale, I was in the second to last row of the venue (in this case, the Tower Theater in Upper Darby) and it wasn’t sold out.

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists were the opening band. They definitely rocked out to an audience that really was waiting for Death Cab.

This was Death Cab’s first official show of their Fall 2006 tour and it was readily apparent - some forgotten lyrics and a few goof ups on stage. They opened with “405 (Acoustic)”, which didn’t provide for a dynamic opening. In fact, a few songs in, Ben Gibbard had to implore “This is a rock show, you can stand up.” Once they brought in all of the instruments, there was a problem with the bass drum as the reverb was overpowering on some songs - to the point that after the concert, I overheard a few different people mention that there was something wrong with the sound tonight.

Basically their setlist contained songs from Plans, Transatlanticism, The Photo Album, You Can Play These Songs With Chords and The Forbidden Love EP. (The mix of songs could have had more energy.) They played “The President of What?” from You Can Play These Songs With Chords and instead of the voiceover, they used some weird electric keyboard chord progression (there were more than a few puzzled looks in the audience). They played “Start Again” (I have it as a bonus track from an iTunes download of Plans), which Ben said they hadn’t played live before. There was a solid rocking out with a guitar and drum solo towards during “Transatlanticism”. I didn’t recognize one song at the end of the main part of the show.

I expected them to play “World Shut Your Mouth” but they didn’t. Also, I found out that I am not the only one who really doesn’t care for “Brothers on a Hotel Bed” - the audience seemed not to care for it either.

In sum, if you dig Death Cab and can sing along to their lyrics because you know them by heart (which many of us did in the audience), you’ll enjoy seeing them this fall. However, if you’re looking for something new from Death Cab, this is not the tour.

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fantasy football week 4

Monday, October 2nd, 2006

Ok, ok, I’m down by…30 points… If I had played Santana Moss, I would have been at least closer. And had the foreknowledge that Thomas Jones would have had a great day yesterday…well, I would have had a much better week.

LaDainian only clocked in with 9pts. The Seahawks defense was stomped. And of course, Westbrook’s injury wasn’t announced until just before the game and my other productive running back, Ahman Green was announced as injured late last week.

Ah well.

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Rutgers 5-0

Saturday, September 30th, 2006

Rutgers 22 - South Florida 20

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Fantasy Football week 3

Sunday, September 24th, 2006

My starting lineup and bench players for week 3. No LaDainian! I’m little worried about my RB options. This week I’m hoping to stay alive, that Green Bay may pass the ball some and that the Seahawks playing at home will overwhelm the Giants with their noise. And yeah, I think my whole team deserves a Blue Cross/Blue Shield Card for their injury reports.

Also interesting reading is this story in the NY Times Magazine about the story of Michael Oher, an impoverished homeless kid in Memphis TN, and how he made it to being one of the most highly anticipated left tackle prospects.

Starting Players
Pos Player Team Opp Bye Avg Total Last
QB Chad Pennington NYJ @BUF 9 20.0 40 20 Probable (Calf)
RB Ahman Green GB @DET 6 10.5 21 8
RB Brian Westbrook PHI @SF 9 18.0 36 17 Questionable (Knee)
WR Laveranues Coles NYJ @BUF 9 15.5 31 16 Questionable (Calf)
WR Andre Johnson HOU WAS 5 10.5 21 11
TE Alge Crumpler ATL @NO 5 5.0 10 2
PK Shayne Graham CIN @PIT 5 11.5 23 10
Def Seahawks, Team Defense SEA NYG 5 10.5 21 11

Bench Players
Pos Player Team Opp Bye Avg Total Last Inj
QB Tom Brady NE DEN 6 13.0 26 12 Probable (Shoulder)
RB Mike Bell(r) DEN @NE 4 9.5 19 5 Probable (Finger)
RB Thomas Jones CHI @MIN 7 6.0 12 6
RB LaDainian Tomlinson SD bye 22.0 44 24
WR Santana Moss WAS @HOU 8 7.5 15 7
WR Hines Ward PIT CIN 4 6.5 13 2 Probable (Hamstring)
TE Jason Witten DAL bye 3 3.5 7 4
Def Broncos, Team Defense DEN @NE 4 6.5 13 10

Heh, the Eagles-49ers game featured a flea flicker by the Eagles.

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Rutgers Football

Saturday, September 23rd, 2006

It’s still early in the season, but 4-0 with some overwhelming final scores is quite nice.

Update: I was told by another alumni that Rutgers cracked the AP top 25 poll. Awesome!!!

Here’s a little blurb to warm your Rutgers heart.

Off to its first 4-0 start in more than two decades, Rutgers has reached another milestone: its first national top 25 ranking in 30 years. A day after routing Division I-AA Howard, 56-7, Rutgers was ranked No. 23 in The Associated Press poll yesterday, ahead of Georgia Tech and Missouri. The previous time the Scarlet Knights received a ranking was in 1976, when they finished 11-0 and were ranked as high as No. 17. A year ago, the Scarlet Knights went 7-5 and earned a berth in the Insight Bowl, their first postseason appearance in 27 years. It was Rutgers’ first winning season since 1992.

That winning season in 1992 was my freshman year. And in 1976, I was two years old. That’s how long it’s been.

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Dear Tom Brady,

Sunday, September 17th, 2006

I know, I know, it’s early in the season and you’ve at least won your matchups so far. But it isn’t enough, not for me at least. I’m sorry to say this, but despite your piercing blue eyes, your endearing Independent voter registration and your Super Bowl rings, you, quite frankly, stink as a fantasy QB. And with that in mind, next week I’m going with someone older, smarter and blonder than you.

His name is Chad and he’s from NY. I’m sorry Tom.

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Thursday Night Football

Thursday, September 7th, 2006

Well, it’s the season opener and the Steelers are playing the Dolphins. The pre-game, quite frankly, was boring and there’s been a number of video glitches. (Good job NBC.) The commercials are not all that impressive. The pre-game fireworks on top of the buildings and seeing Jerome Bettis was cool though.

I have to note that I’m a little chagrined that Hines Ward is playing tonight despite an earlier hamstring injury. I didn’t start him. My apartment neighbors just heard how chagrined I really am.

However, the Daunte Culpepper and the Dolphins already have the ball again after Charlie Batch couldn’t connect, so perhaps my gamble will pay off.

Update 1: They played an Apple commercial! See, Apple and football *can* go together. ;-)

Update 2: Hines Ward just got a touchdown. [censored] 6pts that I don’t have. Now, 10 pts.

Update 3: Hines Ward isn’t doing all that well.

Update 4: Another Apple commercial!

Update 5: What *was* that flag toss????

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Death Cab in Philly!

Tuesday, September 5th, 2006

Talk about giggling like a schoolgirl…Death Cab for Cutie is returning to the Philadelphia area on Thursday, October 26th.

Their Fall 2006 tour is taking them to smaller venues and in Philly, they’ll be playing the Tower Theatre in Upper Darby, PA.

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fantasy football draft

Friday, September 1st, 2006

Ah, yes. Fantasy football. And so I’m doing it this year. Unlike the last time I played, when I got burned on by not paying attention to bye weeks, I think this year will be different.

My strategy this year was to pull the top 200 players ranked by the fantasy football league I’m playing in, rather than printing out a number of lists, highlighting the magazines and such. The top 200 list served me well until like the 10th round or so, when folks started picking crazy players really low on the list and I lost track of what others were doing. So, I became the “Was this player picked?” person. Every draft needs one of those. But at least I have my starters…

My team looks like this.
-RB - LaDainian Tomlinson - SD, Brian Westbrook - PHI, Mike Bell - DEN, Thomas Jones - CHI, Ahman Green - GB
-WR - Hines Ward - PIT, Santana Moss - WAS, Andre Johnson - HOU, Laveranues Coles - NYJ
-QB - Tom Brady - NE, Trent Green - KC
-TE - Alge Crumpler - ATL, Jason Witten - DAL
-DEF - Seattle, Denver
-K - Shayne Graham - CIN

Each week we can play 2 RB - 2 WR - 1 TE - 1 QB - 1 DEF - 1 K

Yes, I know that Westbrook and Hines Ward are injured. And Tom Brady, Shayne Graham, and Jason Witten are hotties.

Also, if I have to give a tip to my fellow draftees, it would be that the lists out there vary widely - for example, the Sports Illustrated list was very different than the one I pulled.

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